USA Holiday Calendar Dates for 2018 Vacation Planning

2018 Holiday Vacation Calendar (USA)

Like every year, 2018 is full of official public holidays that you can easily turn into vacations to maximize your work-life-vacation balance. For your benefit in the new year, here is your annual list of holiday observances in the USA for 2018 (with videos). Make it your New Year’s resolution to NOT take your paid holidays […]

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Mark Your Calendar to Celebrate “Vacation Memories Day” Every Year

Vacation Memories Day Mark Calendar

The only thing better than reminiscing about your past vacation is creating new vacation memories. Since we can’t travel all the time without quitting our jobs (read my reasons why this is a dumb idea), I advocate for taking time every year to relive your past vacations. Here’s my proposal for a new holiday – […]

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When to Put Work-Life Balance Ahead of Career Success

Career Success versus Work-Life Balance

In an ideal world you can have both a successful career and an amazing work-life balance. Your career trajectory will continue upward with greater responsibility and increasing pay and rewards. At the same time when the workday ends (at a reasonable time) and when the weekend arrives, you never have to think about work. Vacation days […]

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Don’t Forget to Pack A Chromebook Laptop Computer for Travel

Chromebook Computer is for Travel

I love my grab-and-go Chromebook! It’s the best laptop/notebook/tablet computer to take with you on vacation. Why? It’s really inexpensive, is your travel guide, offers big screen entertainment, simplifies trip booking, and offers a desktop Chrome browser experience with a real keyboard to get stuff done. My personal choice is the ASUS Flip Chromebook (portable and converts from a […]

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Got Travel Insurance? 5 Ways It Protects Your Money, Health, and Vacation

Travel Insurance 5 Ways it Protects Vacation Money, Health, and Trip

Travel insurance is the only type of insurance that I feel good about buying. When I hear the word “insurance” I often picture the scene in Groundhog Day where Bill Murray’s character (in a recurring scene) punches Ned in the face after he tells him that he sells insurance for a living. Fortunately there are […]

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3 Office Calendar Tricks to Schedule Your Work-Life Time Management

Calendar Tricks for Work-Life Balance

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance throughout the year requires diligence. You can’t just set it and forget it. Just like so many of us forget to go to the gym we joined (with good intentions in the new year), it’s easy to let our work schedule overwhelm our own time management goals. That is why you need […]

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