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5 Ways to Supersize Your Vacation Policy

5 Ways Supersize Vacation Benefits

Have you calculated your vacation days and realized it just isn’t enough? Do you travel a lot for business, expect to start a family soon, or desire a more flexible schedule? These 5 time off maximizing tips are here to help you go beyond these common vacation limitations. Earning time off flexibility requires that you talk to people, ask […]

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Is a Compressed Work Week Your Solution to Getting More Time Off?

Weekly Time Sheet - Compressed with Friday Off?

Working a compressed week means you are putting in 40 hours of time on the job in four days instead of the usual five.  Employees that have made this full-time but flexible work option a reality enjoy a glorious three-day weekend every week.  This working style is not possible for all job types or industries, […]

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No Money for Raises This Year? Ask for Bonus Vacation Days (Part I)

Time Off From Work is Worth More Than Money (Time is Money Scales)

Whether your employer is profitable or not, do you find them stingy when it comes time to give out raises and performance bonuses?  Are they oblivious about what they must do to retain top talent like you? Have you been told not to expect a raise this year despite the fact that you were given […]

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