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Vacation Days and Paid Time Off Work Policies – Top 10 Questions to Ask HR

Ask About Vacation Top 10 HR Questions

Asking your Human Resources contact the right questions when starting a new job is essential to make sure that you fully understand your vacation benefits inside and out. The following list of questions can be used as a guide on what to ask. At some point you’ll be meeting with your HR representative whether that is […]

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How-To Document, Track, and Optimize Vacation Benefits

Vacation and time off policy at work… that is the question! So make sure you ask all the right questions when starting a new job or making a commitment to take more time off this year. You’ll need to study your HR handbook and understand the fine points of your paid time off (PTO) and […]

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Top 10 Questions to Ask HR About Vacation Benefits When Starting a New Job

For those of you reading this post because you have just accepted a new job offer, congratulations!  In this tough economy it may not be possible to negotiate for a more rewarding vacation benefit, but at least you can ask the right questions to fully understand how it all works.  The following list of questions […]

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