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16 Simple Household Ways To Save Big Money For Your Next Vacation

Saving for Vacation - Stuff

Can you afford your next vacation – I mean the one you really want to take? Far too many of us look at what’s left in our bank account to calculate how much vacation we can afford. Flip that vacation-deprived mindset around!  What are you wasting money on that lacks the benefits of a fulfilling vacation? The VacationCounts […]

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10 Google Employee Perks to Save Money and Take More Vacations

Vacation Benefits at Google (Office Photo)

Taking more vacation time off from work means using your paid vacation days plus taking advantage of employee perks. What employee perks am I talking about? Buzzfeed lists 20 companies around the U.S. with amazing perks. This blog post uses Google Inc. as an example since they are well-known to offer a very generous benefits […]

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Save Your Holiday Bonus in a Travel Bank Account and Vacation Gift Card

Holiday bonuses are a welcome treasure from your employer, though one becoming all too rare these days unless you work for Google or another fast growing company on the Fortune 500 with the greatest profits. Whether you are expecting a cash bonus this holiday season or if one comes as a complete surprise, this type […]

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