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Vacation Prescription: Take 1 Vacation Each Month – No Expiration

Vacation Prescription - Take 1 Per Month

How many vacations did you take last year? Instead of trying to take just one or two additional vacations this year, give yourself a prescription to take one vacation each month. Sound impossible? Read on for the directions on how to take 12 vacations a year. It’s how my wife and I optimize our work-life-vacation […]

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10 Ways To Take A Vacation Day for $25 or Less

Free Vacation Day Graphic

I was going to title this post 10 ways to take an absolutely free vacation day, but I realize there are always costs to leaving your house. So this set of do-it-yourself vacation days will each cost you less than $25. The minimal costs are impossible to avoid such as for transportation (gas, bus, or […]

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7 Ways to Overcome the “I’m Too Busy to Plan A Vacation” Syndrome

Commuting Time is Vacation Booking Time

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people say they were too busy to plan their next vacation. Has this happened to you? They were overworked, stressed by life, and just plain tired. After another busy day of work and home responsibilities, it is easy to feel like there is no time or energy […]

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No Money for Raises This Year? Ask for Bonus Vacation Days (Part II)

Negotiating for Extra Vacation Days versus a Raise this year

In Part I of this post, No Money for Raises This Year? Ask for Bonus Vacation Days, I proposed the idea of asking for additional vacation days off from work when you are expecting a raise.  Do you value vacation time off from work over more money in your regular paycheck?  When your employer’s compensation budget is tight the […]

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