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Vacation Prescription: Take 1 Vacation Each Month – No Expiration

Vacation Prescription - Take 1 Per Month

How many vacations did you take last year? Instead of trying to take just one or two additional vacations this year, give yourself a prescription to take one vacation each month. Sound impossible? Read on for the directions on how to take 12 vacations a year. It’s how my wife and I optimize our work-life-vacation […]

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Sunny Days Ahead? Get Outside and Take One Vacation Day

Take One Vacation Day When It's Sunny

With the first official day of Summer weeks away, it’s time to start planning your sunny day vacations. When sunny days are in the forecast, take one day of vacation to spend in and around your home town. Think of it like a work-life balance boost. Not every vacation needs to be a week in length […]

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Top 10 Vacation Movies That Inspire Travel

Top 10 Travel Inspiring Movies

Movies, TV shows, books, and even music inspire us to leave our home and work life for a much deserved vacation. We all have our list of favorite films as well as destinations that are on our bucket list. I suggest that you combine the two by picking a travel-themed movie next time you want to […]

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How To Take More Time Off To Travel, Let Me Count the Ways…

Take More Time Off to Travel

Everybody takes a vacation at least once in a while, but how come you can’t break away from work and life to travel more often? I don’t have to remind you about the physical, emotional, and refreshing rewards of using your paid vacation days for travel. When you feel burned out at work, the desire to visit […]

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5 Steps to Embrace the Vacation Mindset with Vacation Mindfulness

Mindful Vacation Tip 5 - Pack Mindfulness Self

Leaving on vacation is one of the best feelings in the world. You’ve packed your bags, confirmed your travel plans, and told your co-workers that you’re “Outta Here.” However to fully embrace the vacation mindset, it helps to borrow a few lessons from mindfulness. This way when you depart on vacation, your mind, body, and […]

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Travel Bloggers Teach You How to Work Full-Time and Travel Part-Time

Part-Time Travel Bloggers Profiles

How often can you go on vacation while keeping your full-time job (and not losing it because you are always on vacation)? A lot is the short answer! As you know there is no reason to quit your job if you are passionate about travel and can’t wait until you retire to hit the road. […]

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