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When to Put Work-Life Balance Ahead of Career Success

Career Success versus Work-Life Balance

In an ideal world you can have both a successful career and an amazing work-life balance. Your career trajectory will continue upward with greater responsibility and increasing pay and rewards. At the same time when the workday ends (at a reasonable time) and when the weekend arrives, you never have to think about work. Vacation days […]

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5 Ways to Supersize Your Vacation Policy

5 Ways Supersize Vacation Benefits

Have you calculated your vacation days and realized it just isn’t enough? Do you travel a lot for business, expect to start a family soon, or desire a more flexible schedule? These 5 time off maximizing tips are here to help you go beyond these common vacation limitations. Earning time off flexibility requires that you talk to people, ask […]

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7 Job Search Tips for the Ultimate Work-Life-Vacation Balance

Work-Life Balance Twitter Search

Work-life balance benefits vary greatly from employer to employer. You want to win a job that moves your career forward and hopefully pays more money, but what about time off benefits and flexibility? There are no work-life balance standards either by law or by industry in the US. That makes it difficult to determine if […]

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When I Want to Use a Sick Day as a Vacation Day

Should I Call In Sick Today Question

Wouldn’t it be lovely to call in sick and take a vacation day? Maybe you are running out of accrued vacation days and feel burned out from working so hard (we’ve all been there!). Or maybe you feel that it is unfair that you never get sick. What I mean is… why should your co-workers […]

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Work+Life and Stumbling On Happiness – 2 Book Reviews

Work Life Happiness Book Reviews

I recently finished reading two highly recommended books and posted my reviews at Amazon.com.  The first is called Work + Life and is subtitled “Finding the Fit That’s Right for You.”  As you can guess it is about work-life balance but in this case the author Cali Williams Yost re-brands it as Work-Life Fit.  I […]

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