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The new app from VacationCounts is the best way to remember your past vacation memories, optimize your work-life-vacation balance, and take all of your vacation days. Be one of the first persons in the world to give it a try. It's free and requires no app download since it runs in your desktop or mobile web browser and securely stores and organizes your vacation data in the cloud.

VacationCounts App - Remember, Optimize, Take

The Best Way to Organize Your Vacation List
Simply put, the new VacationCounts app is the place to securely store a list of all your past vacations, organized as you wish with names, dates, places, notes, and hashtags. The dashboard lets you measure work-life-vacation balance and visualize your travel success stories. View and sort your categorized vacation list to relive past memories and be inspired to travel more.

Where do you keep a list of all your past trips? If you are like most people you have booking documents on a drive, photos on a sharing site, trip notes in a document, etc... What if you could maintain a complete list of your vacations including the most important details to document your travels while continuing to store all the files, notes, photos, and memories on your preferred apps and sites? That is what VacationCounts was designed to do so you can never miss your vacations - past, present, and future.

The Optimal Way to Track Your Time Off Benefits
By tracking your vacation days, holidays and all paid time off (PTO) yourself, you can be sure that you'll get to take your vacations when you wish each year. This travel software helps you keep track of your time off benefits and allocate those days towards planned vacations. At an instant you'll be able to see how many days off you have remaining. With the time off tracking capability in VacationCounts, you'll optimize your work-life-vacation balance.

How are you currently tracking your vacation benefits? If you are like most people, you are relying on your paycheck stub or HR benefits portal to track and remind you of your earned days off. Is it always accurate and does it let you plan out a year of vacations? Spreadsheets and note-taking tools can do the trick, but a web app custom built to calculate your used and remaining days is a lot smarter and more fun too.  

Never Miss Your Vacations

My Vacations List View

Remember Your Past Vacation Memories

Add all your vacations to the app so you have a complete list of everywhere you took a vacation in your lifetime. Organize your trips into categories, add places visited, include links to online photo albums and documents, and include all the details of every trip. When you want to reminisce about your past vacations, VacationCounts is there to make sure you never forget. 

App VacationCounts Dashboard

Optimize Your Work-Life-Vacation Balance

After you input lots of your past vacations into the app, open the dashboard to visualize your work-life-vacation balance. Map the number of countries have you visited. Chart the number of vacations you've taken each year.  Get statistics on the types of places you go on vacation over time.  Since the website is mobile friendly, you can view your travel accomplishments on any device. 

Time Off Tracking Totals

Take All of Your Vacation Days

If you believe in the VacationCounts approach to work-life balance, you're going to want to take every day off without fail. Now you can track all of your annual paid time off benefits and holiday dates in one place. Vacation day tracking is built into the web app so you always know exactly how much time off you have left. Plus use the travel inspiration screen to view a list of top destinations around the world and take advantage of trip booking deals.

A Note from the Founder of VacationCounts

How do you keep track of your past vacations so you can revisit those trips in the future? If you are like most people you have tons of photo albums stored in the cloud (like with iCloud, Google Drive, Facebook, Dropbox, Flickr, or Instagram). What about your vacation memories such as trip itineraries, booking confirmations, destination research, scanned travel docs, and personal notes taken while traveling? You don’t want to forget where you've stored those either.

That is how the VacationCounts app idea came about. I like to keep a detailed list of all my vacations otherwise I'll forget or misplace the details over time. Vacation memories are among my favorite moments in life as I invest so much time and money to plan the perfect trip for me and my family every year. While there loads of apps and websites that help you book a trip (that's where the profit is), there are very few ways to document your past vacations. Plus I want to visualize my travel accomplishments like how many places I've visited and the types of trips I've taken each year. And I didn't want the list to be on my Facebook page or publicly available on TripAdvisor - privacy is important too.

Read more about the other ways to keep track of your vacation memories on the blog and then consider giving VacationCounts a try. After you've used VacationCounts to make a list of your own vacations, send along your feedback via the app. Lots of new features are being developed as we speak. My goal is to find out how people want to organize, track, document, view, and be reminded about their travel memories to prioritize adding those features that YOU want. I'm happy to report that the "Time Off" feature is now live to track your employee time-off benefits at work so you never lose a vacation days by not using them.

Thanks for your support. Happy traveling...
-Scott, VacationCounts Travel Blogger and App Developer

The Place to Track Your Time Off

Private Vacation List

Your Private List

Your vacation data is securely stored just for you on Google hosted servers in the cloud. Privacy comes first as it's your personal list of travel details and vacation notes.

Organize Your Vacations

Organized by You

With categorization by year, type, and custom hashtag, you are in control of how you tag and view your travels over time. Star your favorite vacations and (coming soon) create a bucket list.

Measure Vacation Balance

Vacation Balance

Track your vacation days and PTO to plan ahead to take vacations when you choose. With vacation day tracking it becomes easy to see how you are maximizing time off year after year.

Free Travel App

Free Web App

VacationCounts is free to use (no premium version right now) so give it a try and see how it can help you never forget your vacation memories. There are a few travel ads to help pay the bills, but it's not intrusive.

Web App for Desktop and Mobile Devices

No Download

The VacationCounts app is not really an app, but a website that works equally well on your desktop, tablet, and phone. There is nothing to download or update - just point your browser to the website link and go. 

Inspired to Travel More

Travel More

Storing your past trips and measuring vacation milestones is a necessity, but so is planning new trips every year. The app is there to inspire you with ideas on trending places to visit and things to do on vacation.