30 Work-Life Balance Tips to Enjoy Stress-Free Travel Time

30 Work-Life Balance Tips for Stress Free Travel

What’s the point of having work-life balance if you are stressed out about taking time off for travel? Being more productive at home and at the office is the best way to free up more vacation time. However, the act of travel can be stressful whether solo, as a couple, or with family, and you […]

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Get Your Holiday Time Off Approved for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s

Holidays End of 2019 - Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years

Got your end-of-year holiday time off approved yet? With the end of 2019 in sight (for some the trigger is while you are on a much needed summer vacation break; for others it could be when people start talking about Halloween), it’s time to sort out when to take your remaining vacation days. This is […]

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Spend Thanksgiving Holiday in Europe with Free Vacation Days

Spend Thanksgiving Holiday in Europe on Vacation

During what is one of the busiest travel seasons of the year, Thanksgiving weekend, consider taking an international vacation to avoid the crazy crowds. AAA publishes an annual Thanksgiving travel report which reminds us that millions of people hit the road and take domestic trips during this time of year. While Europe is getting crowded […]

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Never Lose Paid Time Off with 7 Vacation Tracking Tools

7 Ways to Track Vacation Days

Are you relying on your employer to keep an accurate count of your paid time off (PTO) or do you have your own trusted method? Each vacation day that you earn by working represents a day where you get NOT to work but still get paid. Whatever vacation policy you job offers as a benefit, […]

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Web App to Track Your Vacation Days and Paid Time Off Usage

How many vacation days do you have left this year? If you can’t answer that without checking with HR or payroll, start tracking your paid time off including vacation, bonus, floating, personal days, and company holidays. There are many ways to keep track of your paid time off usage. The latest and best way is […]

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USA Holiday Calendar Dates for 2019 Vacation Planning

Your list of holidays for 2019 offers numerous ways to take more vacations and maximize your work-life-vacation balance. This annual post covers the most common federal or public holidays in the USA updated for 2019 (with history and travel videos). For your benefit in the new year, create a holiday calendar marking the official dates […]

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The travel app that makes every vacation count for a lifetime

VacationCounts App Vacation Photos (Instagram view)

You should remember where you took your last vacation, but can you list all the vacations you’ve taken in your lifetime? It is far too easy to plan a trip, travel near or far, return full of vacation memories, then after getting back to work quickly forget where you’ve been. Facebook™ let’s us record our […]

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Travel Software Tools to Store and Organize Your Vacation Memories

Travel Track Vacation Elements

How do you keep track of your past vacations so you can revisit those trips in the future? There are many apps and desktop software products that you may have already used to organize your travel photos, journals, bookings, and files. You’re probably wondering which is the the best tool to keep track of all […]

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USA Holiday Calendar Dates for 2018 Vacation Planning

2018 Holiday Vacation Calendar (USA)

Like every year, 2018 is full of official public holidays that you can easily turn into vacations to maximize your work-life-vacation balance. For your benefit in the new year, here is your annual list of holiday observances in the USA for 2018 (with videos). Make it your New Year’s resolution to NOT take your paid holidays […]

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Mark Your Calendar to Celebrate “Vacation Memories Day” Every Year

Vacation Memories Day Mark Calendar

The only thing better than reminiscing about your past vacation is creating new vacation memories. Since we can’t travel all the time without quitting our jobs (read my reasons why this is a dumb idea), I advocate for taking time every year to relive your past vacations. Here’s my proposal for a new holiday – […]

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