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How-To Document, Track, and Optimize Vacation Benefits

Vacation and time off policy at work… that is the question! So make sure you ask all the right questions when starting a new job or making a commitment to take more time off this year. You’ll need to study your HR handbook and understand the fine points of your paid time off (PTO) and […]

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Holiday Time is Vacation Time in 2014 (U.S. Holiday Calendar)

Holiday Calendar Poster

With 2014 just around the corner, now is the time to preview your holiday calendar for next year. While official company (paid) holidays vary from employer to employer, we present the 10 most common in the United States. January 1, 2014 – New Year’s Day On a Wednesday so you can add vacation days before […]

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5 Reasons Not to Rollover Your Vacation Days

As the end of the year approaches, ask yourself if you want to rollover or not rollover your remaining vacation days? First find out if you are even allowed to rollover unused vacation days from this calendar year into the new year. It may be permitted with set limits or your time off policy may […]

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What to do if your Spouse or Partner has More Vacation Days than You?

Traveling with a spouse or significant other is one of the many joys when you are both able to take time off from work.   With the limited vacation time most dual-working couples get, coordinating time off schedules is challenging but essential. However what if for example your partner gets three weeks off from work each […]

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Is a Compressed Work Week Your Solution to Getting More Time Off?

Weekly Time Sheet - Compressed with Friday Off?

Working a compressed week means you are putting in 40 hours of time on the job in four days instead of the usual five.  Employees that have made this full-time but flexible work option a reality enjoy a glorious three-day weekend every week.  This working style is not possible for all job types or industries, […]

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No Money for Raises This Year? Ask for Bonus Vacation Days (Part II)

Negotiating for Extra Vacation Days versus a Raise this year

In Part I of this post, No Money for Raises This Year? Ask for Bonus Vacation Days, I proposed the idea of asking for additional vacation days off from work when you are expecting a raise.  Do you value vacation time off from work over more money in your regular paycheck?  When your employer’s compensation budget is tight the […]

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No Money for Raises This Year? Ask for Bonus Vacation Days (Part I)

Time Off From Work is Worth More Than Money (Time is Money Scales)

Whether your employer is profitable or not, do you find them stingy when it comes time to give out raises and performance bonuses?  Are they oblivious about what they must do to retain top talent like you? Have you been told not to expect a raise this year despite the fact that you were given […]

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Even ‘The Count’ Takes a Vacation, Proving Vacations Do Count

The Count Counting Vacation

Growing up I loved watching The Count do what he does best… counting for a living and teaching children about numbers. I happened upon this YouTube video by chance after searching and was thrilled to share it. It’s like a music video featuring The Count (yes the one from Sesame Street) who just happens to […]

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Top 10 Questions to Ask HR About Vacation Benefits When Starting a New Job

For those of you reading this post because you have just accepted a new job offer, congratulations!  In this tough economy it may not be possible to negotiate for a more rewarding vacation benefit, but at least you can ask the right questions to fully understand how it all works.  The following list of questions […]

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Take a Half Day Off From Work – Tips on How to Plan a Micro Vacation

Does your employer allow you to take a half day of vacation as paid time off from work for any reason?  People tend to think that half days are only to be used for personal errands such as a doctors appointment or last minute family emergencies like when your child feels sick at school.  Once […]

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