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Best Travel Movies to Watch for Vacation Inspiration

Movies, TV shows, books, and even music inspire us to think about booking a trip. We all deserve a vacation (relaxing destination, bucket list trip, weekend getaway), but it’s often hard to break out of the busy work-life cycle. Next time you are feeling trapped at home, grab a DVD or go online to stream […]

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How a Staycation is a Vacation without Travel

Staycation - Vacation without the Travel

A staycation is a type of vacation where instead of traveling, you stay at home. Like a vacation, you take paid time off from work for leisure. Taking a staycation means planning many of the same activities that you enjoy on vacation without the stress and cost of travel. The difference is you’ll stay at […]

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Travel Bloggers Say Don’t Quit Your Day Job (and still take lots of vacations)

How often can you take a vacation while keeping your full-time job and not lose it because you are often away from the office traveling? A lot is the short answer! Meet the travel bloggers who keep working full-time in order to fund and fulfill their travel dreams. Even if you don’t have a lot […]

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Why Spend Thanksgiving in Europe with Holiday Time Off

Spend Thanksgiving Holiday in Europe on Vacation

During what is one of the busiest travel seasons of the year, Thanksgiving weekend, consider taking an international vacation to avoid the crazy crowds. AAA publishes an annual Thanksgiving travel report which reminds us that millions of people hit the road and take domestic trips during this time of year. While Europe is getting crowded […]

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Never Lose Paid Time Off with 7 Vacation Tracking Tools

7 Ways to Track Vacation Days

Are you relying on your employer to keep an accurate count of your paid time off (PTO) or do you have your own trusted method? Each vacation day that you earn by working represents a day where you get NOT to work but still get paid. Whatever vacation policy you job offers as a benefit, […]

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Mark Your Calendar to Celebrate “Vacation Memories Day” Every Year

Vacation Memories Day Mark Calendar

The only thing better than reminiscing about your past vacation is creating new vacation memories. Since we can’t travel all the time without quitting our jobs (read my reasons why this is a dumb idea), I advocate for taking time every year to relive your past vacations. Here’s my proposal for a new holiday – […]

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Why Travel with a Chromebook with VPN WiFi Protection

Chromebook Computer is for Travel

I love my grab-and-go Chromebook! It’s the best laptop/notebook/tablet computer to take with you on vacation. It’s really inexpensive, acts as your travel guide, offers big screen entertainment, simplifies trip booking, and offers a desktop Chrome browser experience with a real keyboard to get stuff done. Plus it’s more secure, especially if you install a VPN to connect […]

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Vacation Prescription: Take 1 Vacation Each Month – No Expiration

Vacation Prescription - Take 1 Per Month

How many vacations did you take last year? Instead of trying to take just one or two additional vacations this year, give yourself a prescription to take one vacation each month. Sound impossible? Read on for the directions on how to take 12 vacations a year. It’s how my wife and I optimize our work-life-vacation […]

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Back to School Time is Time to Plan End of Year Holiday Vacations

End of Year Vacation Planning

The screams of “It’s Back to School Time” on the TV, radio, and in the local newspaper are an annual tradition whether you like it or not. When September and Labor Day arrive, it signals the end of the summer for most of us. The kids are going back to school (if you have them) […]

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How To Take More Time Off To Travel, Let Me Count the Ways…

Take More Time Off to Travel

Everybody takes a vacation at least once in a while, but how come you can’t break away from work and life to travel more often? I don’t have to remind you about the physical, emotional, and refreshing rewards of using your paid vacation days for travel. When you feel burned out at work, the desire to visit […]

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