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Planning your New Year 2011 Vacation Calendar

Wall Calendar for 2011 Vacation Day Scheduling

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all of the VacationCounts readers, supporters, and followers on Facebook and Twitter! I truly hope that you had a wonderful holiday season and did not personally experience airport distress or cancelled flights due to the extreme weather conditions in many parts of the U.S. and Europe. Now that 2010 […]

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Visit an Internet Cafe to Plan Your Next Vacation

Are you lacking the motivation to sit down and plan your next vacation?  Have you opened your last paycheck stub and while excited to see vacation days adding up, you are unsure what to do about it?  Is time your excuse, and the difficulty to free up time to research, plan, and book an ideal […]

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Gain Confidence by Learning a New Language to Prepare for a Trip Abroad

Travel the Globe

I understand that many people in the U.S. do not feel confident about taking a vacation to a destination where English is not the official language. Of course English is widely spoken throughout the world, but it definitely influences overseas destination choices.  This worry is certainly normal and quite common when one envisions a visit […]

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Travel Books Get the Vacation Ideas Flowing

Travel Bookshelf Europe

Making vacations count means finding the best destinations to visit as you plan trips away from home, whether a major vacation or quickly planned weekend getaway.  Travel books are a staple of the vacation planner’s diet and despite the huge availability of online resources and materials, there is no shortage of printed (physical) travel books […]

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Planning a Trip Over Memorial Day – Consider Canada

Toronto Skyline

As Memorial Day is typically considered the kick-off to the summer holiday season, I’m sure many of you are already planning a personal or family trip.  For those of you with solid ideas or have travel already booked, you require no reminder from me to take advantage of this cherished long weekend.  For the rest […]

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