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Dreaming About Vacation is a Wake Up Call to Travel

Dreaming About Vacation Wake Up Call (pillow)

Are your dreams filled with images and symbols of travel? Analyzing your dreams can go one of two ways. You can look up its symbolic meaning in a dream dictionary, but I prefer a literal approach. Unconscious thoughts about far away places could mean that you desire similar travel experiences in real life. Dreaming about […]

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8 Ways to Make Travel a Habit for Work-Life Balance

Taking Vacations Can Be Habit Forming - 8 Ways to Improve Work-Life Balance

Are you in the habit of taking all of your vacation days? In 2018 Americans forfeited 236 million unused vacation days. Wow! Besides the few of us who are addicted to travel, most people need a reminder and a gentle push to take their vacations. Habits are formed over time until they become an automatic […]

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30 Work-Life Balance Tips to Enjoy Stress-Free Travel Time

30 Work-Life Balance Tips for Stress Free Travel

What’s the point of having work-life balance if you are stressed out about taking time off for travel? Being more productive at home and at the office is the best way to free up more vacation time. However, the act of travel can be stressful whether solo, as a couple, or with family, and you […]

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When to Put Work-Life Balance Ahead of Career Success

Career Success versus Work-Life Balance

In an ideal world you can have both a successful career and an amazing work-life balance. Your career trajectory will continue upward with greater responsibility and increasing pay and rewards. At the same time when the workday ends (at a reasonable time) and when the weekend arrives, you never have to think about work. Vacation days […]

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3 Office Calendar Tricks to Schedule Your Work-Life Time Management

Calendar Tricks for Work-Life Balance

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance throughout the year requires diligence. You can’t just set it and forget it. Just like so many of us forget to go to the gym we joined (with good intentions in the new year), it’s easy to let our work schedule overwhelm our own time management goals. That is why you need […]

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Sunny Days Ahead? Get Outside and Take One Vacation Day

Take One Vacation Day When It's Sunny

With the first official day of Summer weeks away, it’s time to start planning your sunny day vacations. When sunny days are in the forecast, take one day of vacation to spend in and around your home town. Think of it like a work-life balance boost. Not every vacation needs to be a week in length […]

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Mashup Your Work-Life with Career Advice by Eryc Eyl (Video Interview)

Life is a Mashup - Video Interview with Eryc Eyl

The key lesson from my interview with Eryc Eyl is that “Life is A Mashup.” Learn what he means by the term “mashup” by watching the video below so you too can improve work and life integration and be happy and successful at both. Eryc is an accomplished career coach, work-life consultant, writer, and speaker who teaches […]

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5 Steps to Embrace the Vacation Mindset with Vacation Mindfulness

Mindful Vacation Tip 5 - Pack Mindfulness Self

Leaving on vacation is one of the best feelings in the world. You’ve packed your bags, confirmed your travel plans, and told your co-workers that you’re “Outta Here.” However to fully embrace the vacation mindset, it helps to borrow a few lessons from mindfulness. This way when you depart on vacation, your mind, body, and […]

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Are You Missing Vacation from Your Definition of Work-Life Balance?

Work-Life Balance Missing Puzzle Piece is Vacation

Is vacation time missing from your notion of work-life balance? It’s time for a new definition that values leisure time as much as life and work. Throw out everything you thought you knew about work-life balance. It’s time for a vacation! Do you struggle to find free time to do whatever you want to do? […]

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40-Hour Workweek For More Vacation Time

40-Hour Work Week Book

While I’m a big fan of the widely read book “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferriss, it’s time to bring the work-life balance debate back down to earth. 99% of us are cannot earn a living by working a measly FOUR hours per week.  Maybe if we win the lottery. Plus if everybody worked just a […]

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