Mashup Your Work-Life with Career Advice by Eryc Eyl (Video Interview)

The key lesson from my interview with Eryc Eyl is that “Life is A Mashup.” Learn what he means by the term “mashup” by watching the video below so you too can improve work and life integration and be happy and successful at both.

Eryc is an accomplished career coach, work-life consultant, writer, and speaker who teaches people how find that job you’ll love, bring your whole human self to work, and integrate or mashup the best of both worlds. In this video interview, we delve into the following topics:

  • How to keep your head and your heart while keeping your job (life is a mashup philosophy)
  • How to find a job that offers a healthy work-life balance (interview tips)
  • Ways in which working parents (called career-loving) can find success at work and at home
  • The 5 guiding principles for making changes when your work-life integration is broken (self-help and coaching)

Now that you’ve watched the video what do you think about his approach to work-life balance? Here is a summary of the key points from our discussion and how it can benefit people who want to live the VacationCounts lifestyle.

  1. Bring your personal passions to work and bring your best work skills home for a win-win result.
  2. To gauge work-life balance before you accept a job offer, ask the interviewer what a typical work day is like.
  3. Being unhappy at work often carries over into family and parenting and vacations alone can’t fix that.
  4. Bring your unique self and eccentricities to the office so you can be an authentic person at work.
  5. How a career coach can help you question everything and make better work-life decisions.

You can follow Eryc Eyl by subscribing to his blog and requesting a free copy of his “Life is A Mashup” ebook. Contact Eryc if you are interested in talking further about your career or organizational challenges.