Black Friday Travel Deals – Vacations On Sale

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping holidays are ideal times to save on your next vacation. View the top search results for travel deals and offers by category: Hotels, Flights, Tour Packages, and Travel Gear. Take advantage of these 2019 Black Friday promotions by planning ahead before the date to make bookings during this incredible sale period. Wouldn't your time be better spent avoiding the crazy crowds at the store buying things you really don't need? Shop from the comfort of home to book travel experiences and do something positive for your work-life-vacation balance.


Countdown to Black Friday - Starts November 29, 2019

This custom travel search engine, built by VacationCounts and powered by Google, gives you one-click access to the top ranked travel deals happening on Black Friday as well as Cyber Monday. It searches a list of the biggest hotel brands, online travel agencies, major airlines, cruise lines, tour operators, and sellers of travel luggage, gear, and clothing in the USA. View the live results in each category to take advantage of the vacation savings happening during this bargain holiday shopping season. So are you ready to book your 2020 vacations? Mark your calendars! 

Black Friday Cyber Monday Travel Deals - Book a Vacation

Is this Every Black Friday Travel Sale?

No as there are way too many. When you read about the numerous Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) deals across the Web, you'll get a summarized roundup of what someone else thinks are the "best" deals on electronics, toys, housewares, clothing, and travel. While these articles give you nice examples of best buys and jaw-dropping offers, it is subjective and a very small sampling. In some cases promotions are paid advertisements for cruises, resorts, and tour operators. When it comes to booking travel, you'll want to browse ALL the deals and decide for yourself. That is why this post gives you a filtered search of vacation deals across major hospitality brands and travel booking and eCommerce sites. Now you can quickly view the latest Black Friday and Cyber Monday travel deals without having to search every term on Google while trying to avoid dodgy sites and click bait.

Black Friday Hotel Deals and Offers

There are savings to be had on hotel and accommodations bookings during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale periods. These search results cover the top 20 hotel chains in the USA and around the World such as Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, Holiday Inn, and Accor. Browse through the hotel deal results and come back again as the biggest hotel brands often update their Black Friday Deal pages as the date approaches. 

VacationCounts Tip #1: You may prefer to book a room rate that can be cancelled if feel rushed to "book now" but your vacation dates are not set in stone. The best deal and lowest nightly room rate is usually the non-refundable rate. Read the fine print before booking and try to take a screenshot so you can prove what you cancellation policy you booked. 

VacationCounts Tip #2: Login to your hotel loyalty program account when you visit their site as some deals are for members only. If you are not already a member consider signing up for your preferred hotel chains. Earning hotel points is free and can lead to free night stays and upgrades at major hotel chains around the world. 
Live search results for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Hotel Deals are below. Click to open a link in a new browser so you can view multiple hotel sale landing pages at once. 

Black Friday Flight and Airfare Fare Deals

Airline tickets for a family vacation or to fly to international destinations like in Europe or Asia can be really expensive. That is why it pays to search for airfare deals and flight sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You may be asking the question are flights cheaper on Black Friday. I don't need to tell you that price of flights are all over the map. That's why it is a smart idea to set up an email flight price alert like on Google Flights to monitor fare trends for specific dates and airports. However a sale is a still a sale so if you have travel dates in mind and offered a limited time savings by booking during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, it may be worth it to grab the deal.

These airline search results cover all the major airlines in the USA such as United, American, Southwest, Delta, Alaska, Hawaii, and JetBlue Airlines. Browse through the airfare specials results and come back again as the airlines might update their Black Friday and Cyber Monday flight deals as each sale date approaches. Open up multiple links separate browser tabs so you can compare offers on routes from your airport.  

Black Friday Vacation Packages, Tour Companies and Cruise Savings

Do you want to put a deposit down on a big ticket vacation packages, guided tours or perhaps a scheduled cruise? Search for 2019 Black Friday and Cyber Monday money-off coupons and free bonuses on future bookings. You can save hundreds of dollars by booking well in advance and also not miss out on popular dates such as during school holidays or summer break. It makes sense to review this list of travel offer search results before the official sale date to compare tours and ships and resort deals to destinations on your bucket list. Top US tour operators and online travel agencies in this travel search engine include Expedia, Carnival, Gate 1 Travel, Windstar Cruises, Priceline, Royal Caribbean, Trivago, Intrepid, AAA Travel and many more. 

Of course make sure to read the fine print before putting down a deposit to book a tour or cruise so you know how costly it is to change your mind. That plus buying a comprehensive travel insurance policy to protect your vacation investment and in case you have a medical emergency while away from home. Open up several of these top tour operators to read and compare what's on offer during the Black Friday sale. So get out your map and start thinking about where you want to go on vacation in 2020.
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Black Friday Travel Clothing, Guide Books, and Travel Gear Sales

Maybe you are not ready to book a trip during this holiday sale time frame, but you probably need travel supplies and products. Travel guidebooks are an ideal purchase so you can research destinations and start the itinerary planning process in advance. Amazon sells most brands of luggage, travel gear, and adventure clothing, but you might find better deals direct on the vendor websites. It all depends on how you prefer to shop online for travel accessories such as:
  • Travel Guidebooks and Maps
  • Backpacking Trip Gear
  • Travel Security and Safety Accessories
  • Camping and Outdoor Equipment
  • Luggage, Baggage, Suitcases, and Packing Supplies
  • Travel and Adventure Clothing, Shoes, and Hats
  • Portable Devices and Electronics 

Check out these travel product search results which includes the most popular US-based sites to buy gear for your next trip. This includes Magellan's, Patagonia, Eagle Creek, REI, Lonely Planet, and eBags. 

Black Friday VacationCounts Travel Deals

GetYourGuide - Save up to 25% Off Tours and Activities on Vacation

Expedia Save 25% on Black Friday and 25% Cyber Monday Bookings

... more vacation deals to be posted courtesy of VacationCounts

Need Help Tracking Your Vacation Days?

VacationCounts has you covered with the free web app that helps you track and allocate your paid vacation days (PTO) each year. It also lets you organize every trip you've taken in the past so you can measure your travel accomplishments.

Plan Your 2020 Vacation Dates Over the Holidays

Don't let the stress of the Thanksgiving and fast-approaching Christmas holidays put you off booking travel deals when you have your heart set on planning a vacation. Check out these 7 ways to overcome the "I'm too busy to plan a vacation" excuse that is all too common among overworked Americans. Make it your New Year's resolution to use all of your vacation days. It doesn't matter if you travel solo, with your partner, or as a family. Take the vacation days you've earned and make travel memories that will last a lifetime. 

Looking for tips on how to improve your work-life balance, optimize how you take vacation days, and be reminded to track your paid time off? The Take More Time Off blog published by VacationCounts is the place to turn for advice. Here are a few of the latest articles to keep reading. 

Shop for Travel on Black Friday?

The Black Friday sales are an excellent source of destination inspiration and suggested itineraries. Get out your computer or tablet and start taking notes. Make a list of places you want to visit including guided tours, national parks, cruises, adventure travel, big cities, luxury hotels, safaris, active trips, and packaged holidays to consider. Track those vacation ideas so when you are ready to open your calendar and book a trip, you'll have a ton of options. 

Even if you decide not to book a trip or buy travel tech and accessories during the mayhem of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can still window shop (let's call it research). Use this post-Thanksgiving holiday period as a reminder to calculate how many vacation days you'll earn next year. Use a spreadsheet, time off tracking tools, or the VacationCounts app to start allocating your paid time off and company holidays.

So how many vacations will you take in 2020? Where do you want to visit in the new year? Will you be rolling over vacation days from 2019 to 2020? This is your chance to plan for a vacation next year. Get a jump on your 2020 travel plans with these incredible holiday sales. Keep coming back to search and save on dream trips to destinations near and far. 

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