The travel app that makes every vacation count for a lifetime

You should remember where you took your last vacation, but can you list all the vacations you’ve taken in your lifetime? It is far too easy to plan a trip, travel near or far, return full of vacation memories, then after getting back to work quickly forget where you’ve been.

Facebook™ let’s us record our social relationships, LinkedIn™ our professional ones, and Instagram™ (or Google™ or Apple™) our photo albums. But how and where do you organize your vacation memories?

VacationCounts Has an App?

VacationCounts App Vacation Photos (Instagram view)

Whether or not you are a reader of the Take More Time Off™ blog, you may not realize that VacationCounts released a web app (in late 2018) that let’s you track and organize your vacations and visualize your travel history.

It’s designed to make a list of all your past vacations so you can revisit those places again and again. The added benefit of tracking your vacations is to see if you are meeting your work-life balance and time-off goals. Plus it’s thrilling to see where in the world you’ve been.

Are you taking enough time off, traveling to places on your bucket list, and not taking your vacation days for granted? Get started with the VacationCounts app to capture your vacation memories and optimize for work-life-vacation balance.

The Best Way to Count All Your Vacations

In the past I’ve edited documents and spreadsheets to make a list of vacations in the same way I might make a shopping list or packing list. For a time I was using Evernote™ or OneNote™, but these general purpose software products are not designed for travel.

TripAdvisor™ has a map feature where you can pin every city you have visited, but it seems more for fun and is missing from their Android app. Other mobile apps want permission to track you as you travel to send push notifications about nearby places and offers (i.e. ads), but I prefer to keep my location to myself for privacy reasons.

VacationCounts App - Never Miss Your Vacations

That is why I finally got around to building a travel app for people who want to keep a private list of their vacation accomplishments and memories. I don’t want to ever forget where I’ve been, but I’m terrible about remembering places, dates, and details of all the incredible trips I’ve taken with my wife since we first met. And I don’t want to trust social media with my personal travel details. I just wanted an app that can:

  1. Remind me of my past vacation experiences
  2. Motivate me to improve my work-life balance
  3. Inspire me to plan a trip by taking my vacation days

What Your Vacation Dashboard Says About You?

App VacationCounts Dashboard

If you’re like me vacation time represents the best part of every year. Millions of people measure their fitness level with the goal to keep their body fit and healthy. Taking time off from work-life to depart for relaxation or adventure should be an important part of those fitness goals. Vacation time is essential to stay active and challenge not just our bodies but also to exercise our minds. Have you heard about vacation mindfulness?

The VacationCounts Dashboard is how you measure your vacation fitness level (like Fitbit™ for travel). How many days off have you taken each year on vacation? Without tracking your vacation days and stats you’ll never know if you are improving your work-life balance year after year.

It’s nice to be able to see how long your average vacation lasts (are you a long weekender or 2 weeks minimum type of traveler?) as well as get a break down of the types of places you’ve visited. The dashboard shows you your time-off stats and travel charts while reminding you to start planning your next trip.

How to Organize Your Vacation Memories on Desktop and Mobile

Since the VacationCounts app runs in your browser, it works equally well on your home computer as on your smart phone or tablet. You don’t need to install yet another app to benefit from keeping better track of your vacations – past, present and future. Your private vacation database is stored securely in the cloud (hosted by Google Firebase™) so you don’t have to give up your privacy to use this free app.

Creating an account takes just a minute but tracking your vacation and travel success stories lasts a lifetime.

So are you ready to make your vacations count by documenting a list of all the places you’ve visited and vacations taken? To read more about the VacationCounts app and its features and benefits, jump to the product info page.

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