How to Take More Vacation Time Off!

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Never Miss Your Vacations

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Remember Your Past Vacation Memories

Add all your vacations to the app so you have a complete list of everywhere you took a vacation in your lifetime. Organize your trips into categories, add places visited, include links to online photo albums and documents, and include all the details of every trip. When you want to reminisce about your past vacations, VacationCounts is there to make sure you never forget. 

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Optimize Your Work-Life-Vacation Balance

After you input lots of your past vacations into the app, open the dashboard to visualize your work-life-vacation balance. Map the number of countries have you visited. Chart the number of vacations you've taken each year.  Get statistics on the types of places you go on vacation over time.  Since the website is mobile friendly, you can view your travel accomplishments on any device. 

Time Off Tracking Totals

Take All of Your Vacation Days

If you believe in the VacationCounts approach to work-life balance, you're going to want to take every day off without fail. Now you can track all of your annual paid time off benefits and holiday dates in one place. Vacation day tracking is built into the web app so you always know exactly how much time off you have left. Plus use the travel inspiration screen to view a list of top destinations around the world and take advantage of trip booking deals.

Release News: The VacationCounts web app for desktop and mobile launched in late 2018. You can read about all the many benefits on the product info page and sign up for a free account to start tracking your vacations today. 

Travel Planning Toolkit

Vacation Planning - VacationCounts

Plan the perfect vacation by Tracking Your Vacation Days, review the official 2020 USA Holiday Calendar to maximize your time off, and use a travel Planner App to document a trip itinerary for you and your family.

Vacation To Do List

Put your Mail on Vacation Hold (or rent a virtual mailbox), take steps to Protect Your Travel Money, and download the Going on Vacation To Do Checklist to start your trip with the right mindset. 

Take More Time Off (blog)

Take back your Work-Life Balance so you can take more vacations, learn simple vacation hacks from the expert, optimize your paid time off employment benefits, and save both time and money when traveling.