VacationCounts App Pricing

As you know VacationCounts is free to use to organize your vacation history and time-off benefits securely in the cloud and that will never change. There are a few limits for the free version of the web app which can be unlocked by upgrading from the Freemium version to the Premium edition. The pricing table below shows you the set of features planned for Premium customers but that may change as it is being developed. Check page on this page to see what else is planned in the future.

Free Edition

The features you need to never miss your vacations!

Always Free

  • Store up to 100 vacations online and from any device
  • Monitor your Work-Life-Vacation Balance progress
  • Store links to your itineraries, photos, and documents
  • Track your time-off employee benefits to plan your days off 
  • Filter vacations by year, types, and your own hashtags
  • Be inspired to travel more with exclusive advice and resources