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Save Your Holiday Bonus in a Travel Bank Account and Vacation Gift Card

Holiday bonuses are a welcome treasure from your employer, though one becoming all too rare these days unless you work for Google or another fast growing company on the Fortune 500 with the greatest profits. Whether you are expecting a cash bonus this holiday season or if one comes as a complete surprise, this type […]

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Is Overseas Travel Affordable based on U.S. Household Income Spent On Travel?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is a comprehensive source of facts and figures related to employers and the US workforce, with a major purpose to influence federal and state government policy and legislation.  This particular statistic I discovered describes the portion of annual household expenditures (not income) spent on travel.  The most recent study […]

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Can’t Afford a Dream Vacation – Find Travel Contests to Enter and Win a Free Trip

For those of you dreaming about the next opportunity for a vacation but worried that your travel budget is depleted (assuming you kept to a budget in the first place), contests are an excellent place to turn. Every day new travel sweepstakes appear on the Web, TV, magazines, and newspapers and it usually takes just […]

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