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7 Ways to Overcome the “I’m Too Busy to Plan A Vacation” Syndrome

Commuting Time is Vacation Booking Time

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people say they were too busy to plan their next vacation. Has this happened to you? They were overworked, stressed by life, and just plain tired. After another busy day of work and home responsibilities, it is easy to feel like there is no time or energy […]

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Top 12 Reasons Americans Do Not Take Their Vacation Days

Vacation Sign - Next 12 Exits

Why is it that Americans are known for making endless excuses for not taking their vacation days? Everybody loves a vacation, am I right? People around the world cherish their vacation and would never freely give it up. So why are workers in the U.S. often willing to forgo their earned (and paid) vacation days? […]

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How to Gain Vacation Time During the Dark Winter Days

With the change of the clocks that comes with the end to Daylight Saving Time (DST), most of you are noticing how early it gets dark outside. Falling back gains you one hour of sleep, but you lose that crucial early evening daylight. Depending on where you live, the sun may start setting as early […]

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Get Sent on an International Assignment for a Change of Vacation

Business is global in scope and you don’t need to open up today’s newspaper to be reminded of that fact.  For those readers that work for an established company with both a domestic and international focus, it is almost certain that your employer has several overseas offices.  You may be under the impression that foreign […]

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Taking a Vacation Soon? Get into a Vacation Mindset and Enjoy Every Minute!

Vacations are credited with relieving stress and bringing about good times and happy memories. So how do you ensure that your next vacation will result in positive benefits right away? Do you often begin a vacation stressed out and feeling unprepared to leave your work and life behind? With minimal effort, anyone can embark on a vacation with […]

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Take Back Your Time – My Book Review and the Movement to Take Back Your Time

Book - Take Back Your Time

The non-profit organization Take Back Your Time exists to tackle what they call the “epidemic of overwork” in the United States and Canada.  Their initiatives address the growing amount of time people spend at work at the expense of everything else in life.  They promote a public policy agenda which should hardly be considered controversial, […]

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Work+Life and Stumbling On Happiness – 2 Book Reviews

Work Life Happiness Book Reviews

I recently finished reading two highly recommended books and posted my reviews at  The first is called Work + Life and is subtitled “Finding the Fit That’s Right for You.”  As you can guess it is about work-life balance but in this case the author Cali Williams Yost re-brands it as Work-Life Fit.  I […]

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Leave the Office for Lunch and Take a Vacation Break for Work-Life Balance

The VacationCounts philosophy is that time off matters and a healthy work-life balance is essential to happiness in life (and work).  When told by your employer that you are only allowed to take a set number of vacation days each year, your natural belief is that vacations cannot occur outside of these scheduled and approved […]

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Turn Your Business Trip into a Weekend Getaway or Family Vacation (and Save Money)

Whether you love or hate to take business trips, for many of us it is a necessary part of our full-time job.  Industry conferences, meetings with sales prospects, on-site client visits, traveling to regional offices, and the like are time away from home and family but also offer the possibility of a low-cost vacation.  Regardless […]

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How Vacations Improve Productivity at Work

It should come to no surprise to over-worked Americans that according to every survey done over the past decade, people in the U.S. are not taking all of their earned vacation days or Paid Time Off (PTO) each year.  For someone that actively manages their vacation days to ensure every one is an opportunity to […]

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