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Take More Time Off Calendar IconsVacationCounts is all about how to take more time off from work and time off from life.  What will you do with all this extra free time?  Be “on vacation” of course!  We call it work-life-vacation balance.  Whether you want to travel the world, enjoy greater time with your family, or enrich yourself and others, vacation time is your time to shine.

VacationCounts.com covers the many ways in which you can take more vacations.  Recent blog topics include:

  • Maximizing Vacation Days and Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Negotiating for More Vacation Days at Work
  • Using Company Holidays to Go On Vacation
  • Finding Jobs with a Healthy Work-Life Balance
  • Understanding HR Time Off Policy and Employment Benefits
  • Vacation Hacks to Plan Better Trips and Travel Smarter
  • Money Management to Afford Every Vacation
  • Being More Productive to Create Time Off For Vacation
  • Taking Breaks From Work to Explore the World
  • Coordinating Vacation Times for Couples and Families

Optimize for Work-Life-Vacation Balance

To be able to take more vacation time off you need to learn to balance the three components – Work, Life, and Vacation.  Thinking about plain-old “work-life balance” leaves out the best part.  So which one do you wish to make your biggest piece of the puzzle?  Vacation I’ll bet!

Time Off Building BlocksEmployees, especially those working in the U.S., earn such a limited number of vacation days each year compared with the rest of the world.  Hopefully you have at least the typical 2 or 3 weeks of vacation at your workplace.  Do you take these days for granted or do you use every technique available to maximize every paid vacation day and holiday?  What about weekends, floating days, flex-time, bonus days, and unpaid leave opportunities?

As I am all too familiar with, Americans often fail to use their accrued vacation days or wait until the end of the year and tragically lose out.  I’ve also analyzed enough employment and labor statistics to know that workers in the U.S. are near the bottom in terms of the number of paid vacation days and the percentage of days taken.  It saddens me to think that anyone would forgo vacation days in order to put in more hours at the office.  Do these people feel they are too important at their job or won’t achieve their career aspirations if they take a vacation?  If this sounds like you, VacationCounts is your wake up call.

Don’t Quit Your Job to Travel the World

Many of us get bitten by the travel bug, or likewise want to engage in sports, hobbies, family activities, volunteering, outdoor pursuits, education, or making a difference in the world.  Wouldn’t it be nice to quit your job and leave all your responsibilities back home to devote yourself to your goals and desires?  That would be nice, but…

Work-Life-Vacation Balance SeesawThe reality is that giving up your career path and taking your family on the road is not a realistic decision for the majority of us.  There are certainly many enviable travel bloggers who follow this route (power to them), but most of us must earn a living, support a family, and save for the future.  So what’s the next best way to pursue your dreams and live a happy, fulfilling, and fun life?  Embracing a vacation mindset every day of the year is our answer.

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Be a Part of the VacationCounts Movement

Now that you understand what VacationCounts is all about, I invite you to explore our posts using the categories above.  You are all invited to join up to inspire yourself and the important people around you to get, make, and take more vacation time.  Vacations do count and nothing should stop you from maximizing your time off to enjoy life to the fullest.

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