Top 10 Travel Movies That Inspire You to Take A Vacation

Top 10 Travel Inspiring Movies

Movies, TV shows, books, and even music inspire us to leave our home and work life for a much deserved vacation. We all have our list of favorite films as well as destinations that are on our bucket list. I suggest that you combine the two by picking a travel-themed movie next time you want to […]

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Vacation Days and Paid Time Off Work Policies – Top 10 Questions to Ask HR

Ask About Vacation Top 10 HR Questions

Asking your Human Resources contact the right questions when starting a new job is essential to make sure that you fully understand your vacation benefits inside and out. The following list of questions can be used as a guide on what to ask. At some point you’ll be meeting with your HR representative whether that is […]

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Mashup Your Work-Life with Career Advice by Eryc Eyl (Video Interview)

Life is a Mashup - Video Interview with Eryc Eyl

The key lesson from my interview with Eryc Eyl is that “Life is A Mashup.” Learn what he means by the term “mashup” by watching the video below so you too can improve work and life integration and be happy and successful at both. Eryc is an accomplished career coach, work-life consultant, writer, and speaker who teaches […]

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USA Holiday Calendar Dates for 2016 Vacation Planning

2016 Holiday Vacation Calendar USA Planner

Mark your calendars with every company holiday in 2016! Our annual list post tells you how to leverage the most common holidays offered to U.S. employees so we can all take more vacations. Of course your actual holidays off from work will vary.  That is why the start of the year is the best time to review your official holiday […]

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Back to School Time is Time to Plan End of Year Holiday Vacations

End of Year Vacation Planning

The screams of “It’s Back to School Time” on the TV, radio, and in the local newspaper are an annual tradition whether you like it or not. When September and Labor Day arrive, it signals the end of the summer for most of us. The kids are going back to school (if you have them) […]

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The Complete Guide to International Travel Without Outrageous Bank ATM and Sneaky Credit Card Currency Conversion Fees

Avoiding Foreign Currency Bank, ATM, Credit Card Exchange Fees While Traveling

The Truth About Currency Fees While on Vacation It’s wonderful that free checking accounts and credit cards with no annual fees are available in the U.S., but are they truly free? As you surely know, fees are how most banks make money to generate huge profits at your expense. Besides fees for minimal balances, returned checks, “foreign” ATM withdrawals, […]

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How To Take More Time Off To Travel, Let Me Count the Ways…

Take More Time Off to Travel

Everybody takes a vacation at least once in a while, but how come you can’t break away from work and life to travel more often? I don’t have to remind you about the physical, emotional, and refreshing rewards of using your paid vacation days for travel. When you feel burned out at work, the desire to visit […]

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5 Steps to Embrace the Vacation Mindset with Vacation Mindfulness

Mindful Vacation Tip 5 - Pack Mindfulness Self

Leaving on vacation is one of the best feelings in the world. You’ve packed your bags, confirmed your travel plans, and told your co-workers that you’re “Outta Here.” However to fully embrace the vacation mindset, it helps to borrow a few lessons from mindfulness. This way when you depart on vacation, your mind, body, and […]

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Supersize Your Vacation Policy (You Have More Vacation Days Than You Think)

5 Ways Supersize Vacation Benefits

Have you calculated your vacation days and realized it just isn’t enough? Do you travel a lot for business, expect to start a family soon, or desire a more flexible schedule? These 5 time off maximizing tips are here to help you go beyond these common vacation limitations. Learn how to supersize your time off from work! Earning time […]

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Join the Movement to “Take Back Your Time”

Infographic Take-Back-Your-Time Vacations

VacationCounts isn’t the only voice online that encourages Americans to take all of their vacation days each year. Back in 2002, the non-profit “Take Back Your Time” was launched as a way to fight back against the epidemic of too much work and too little free time. Besides guaranteed vacation benefits, they also push for paid […]

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