Even ‘The Count’ Takes a Vacation, Proving Vacations Do Count

Growing up I loved watching The Count do what he does best… counting for a living and teaching children about numbers. I happened upon this YouTube video by chance after searching and was thrilled to share it. It’s like a music video featuring The Count (yes the one from Sesame Street) who just happens to be on vacation. Who knew that Muppets took vacations?

He is singing one of his usual songs where he counts the various things around him and laughs a lot. He certainly loves to count! I am a firm believer that vacations are important to all of us and do “count”, but I never realized that counting items of flair on vacation could be so much fun!

Counting Vacation with The Count

Here is the video to watch and sing along to. I can’t say that I’ll be counting objects at my next vacation destination, but you never know when the mood strikes.

The Count is taking what appears to be a typical seaside beach holiday, though it’s in Muppet land. Where’s Kermit? I don’t think of Sesame Street as a stressful place to live or work, but everybody deserves a vacation. However if his “job” is counting, he should leave that activity at work and relax on vacation. 😉🏖️

After watching the video feel free to add a YouTube comment to let the world know that you too make it a habit to count on vacation. Or better yet, question how it’s possible that a vampire (he is a vampire, isn’t he?) could be playing outside in the sunshine.

The Count Needs Work-Life Balance

Can you forgive The Count for making the same mistake many of us commit when going on vacation? He failed to leave his work responsibilities behind at the office! What does The Count do for a living? Well, he “counts” of course and has been doing so for decades. So if he really wanted to have a proper vacation and improve his work-life balance he should refrain from all counting activities while on holiday. Elmo needs to tell him to embrace the vacation mindset.

As a bonus, here is another counting video from the land of Sesame Street. It looks like the original counting video when The Count was new at his job. Click play and you’ll see what I mean. It’s an ear worm for sure! Enjoy…

I’ll let this one go and hope that you enjoy the short break to laugh and remember to count the benefits of taking more vacations.